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10 Most Ticketed Car Models

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5 Least Ticketed Car Models, and why

(15 July 2011)

  • #1: Buick Rainier (because the owner's pacemakers would fail if the vehicle was driven at illegal speeds)
  • #2: Mazda Tribute (nobody owns any because 97% of people who wanted a Ford Explorer bought the Ford Explorer)
  • #3: Chevrolet C/K 3500/2500 (these vehicles are rarely stopped due to the higher than average probability the driver will be carrying a gun)
  • #4: Kia Spectra (because it is incapable of illegal speeds)
  • #5: Buick LaCrosse (a car so boring even I can't think of a joke for it)
If I was doing a top-5 list on radio or TV, I'd swap the jokes on #5 and #1.

10 Most Ticketed Car Models

  • #1 Mercedes-Benz SL Convertable
  • #2 Toyota Camry Solara
  • #3 Scion tC
  • #4 Hummer H2/H3
  • #5 Scion xB
  • #6 Mercedes-Benz CLS-63
  • #7 Acura Integra Coupe
  • #8 Pontiac Grand Prix
  • #9 Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG
  • #10 Volkswagen GTI
(>>Source for the rankings; jokes mine)
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