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Invasive DHCP Servers

Tundra's dhcp server assaulted my laptop configuration. It served up both nis information and ntp information, and the dhcp client on pioneer obediently over-wrote both the yp.conf and ntp.conf files. So I had to retaliate and make my dhcpd serve up correct information so that when my systems come home they get the correct info.

I still have this problem with ntp on redhat, it won't honor the broadcastclient option at all. And it does not seem terribly happy with the info it gets from the dhcp server, the responses from ntpq look bogus. I would prefer broadcastclient to work because that makes my system more polite when on foreign networks -- not looking for non-existant servers for the purposes of time synchronization. Of course, then that information gets blasted when I go to a site with a ridiculously complete dhcp server… and all the broadcast clients I currently have will get blasted the next time they reboot. Not very satisfactory at all.

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