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New Computer

All hail saturn, my boss's son's ex-computer.

For some reason, the Win2K install I did does not like the Yamaha 4416S CDRW that I have installed (although it appears to work perfectly under linux). Win2K gets so annoyed at the device that if you run Win2K and then warm-boot (or press the reset key), the device fails to show up in the SCSI device detection phase! You have to turn the power off to get it back.

I've updated the firmware on the SCSI controller, but a tech note found deep in Microsoft's web site (all hail >> says to update the drive firmware.

So OK, I go to yamaha's web site and download the firmware tool, and it won't see the drive either. So naturally the firmware update fails.

It would be nice if there were some kind of DOS driven updater (or even a linux one) but the DOS one would probably require all kinds of ugly SCSI drivers that I don't have.

I'm yet to try the digital camera, but since it has never worked with Win2K I am not exactly holding my breath.

But at least the linux printing works (see the DeskJet 400 technote)

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