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Mystery Hang

Went away from saturn yesterday (after installing a couple of suspicious looking things on it) and when I came back after dinner, the screensaver was hung and two of the three 'lock' LEDs on the keyboard were flashing.

The computer had only been running for a couple of days… not a good sign.

I'd just installed the >>upclient thing on all my systems. Jupiter had not reported in since February last year, which is probably when the first SunOS got installed. I deleted the europa record (although I probably should have kept it, it kept reporting in right up to the end, and probably had an uptime rivalling Apollo's). The whole uptime thing is something I go back and forth on -- there is no way I'll ever be top of the heap, since we are still vunerable to power failures… and buying a bunch of UPS parts just for an uptime ranking is stupid.

I've set up the RRDBrowse aimed at Saturn and aimed Saturn's syslog at Apollo, so we might get a little better idea of what is going on when the bad thing happens. If it happens again. Which I hope it doesn't.

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