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Mystery Hang II

Died again.

Examination of the CPU tracks shows that the screensaver was running normally, but little else can be gleaned. I've changed the screensaver, we'll see if that makes a difference.

Interesting links of the day:

  • >>Sakana This might turn into a reasonable snipsnap replacement… and it is written in Python (which I kinda understand) rather than Java (which I don't).
  • >>Perforce which claims to be a better SCM system. I like the idea of atomic commits, and I keep getting tangled up in the scripts I wrote to get around some of CVS' insistance on change logs (which are needed for UXdmz, but not for website changes). Have to think more on this. Also need to keep looking in on >>Subversion periodically to see if it is going to get any good.
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