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And another gripe

Diablo II Expantion stopped working. It looks like maybe this CDROM drive is dying, it can't read the disks properly. I could boot saturn into Win2K to play games, but for some reason I would rather leave Saturn running linux and play games with the laptop. I wasted two hours downloading a ton of patches and updates for the laptop, none of which made any difference. So I am tired and frustrated with the whole thing.

Printing Note

Forgot to mention that on the weekend I did a print of a text file using lpr and it worked. Also printed a web page from Mozilla which worked properly as well. So I don't know if it is working or not, since right now it is working but the test pages being printed do not.



Oh yeah, the VPN to head office never recovered after the power failure.

Hmmm… just ocurred to me that the fault might lie in the more restrictive ACL I put on the router before the last power cycle. I'll check the 'failure' logs for lz's IP address… although it does let me initiate connections through the internet to lz. Hmmm. Must ponder.


Interesting link of the day: >>

Interesting because they say:

  • google may have as many as 4000 machines
  • information is stored on individual computers, not in a central storage device
  • MIPS-per-buck is what drives the Linux solution (which we know already)
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