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More Trouble

Today's litany of woe:

  • heavy crash in linux. I think it was a heavy crash, the sound kept looping a half-second that was buffered, the UI froze, and I couldn't get into it from external.
  • Messed around with the mouse settings in Win2K to try and get the responsiveness to even approximate what it was on the laptop. It is almost playable now, but it still keeps hesitating in an annoying way.
  • Diablo still throws up random crashes every 90 minutes or so.
  • trying to bring the system back into Linux this morning, I discovered that the main file system has been shredded pretty good. Even though the system still runs, I suspect that eventually I will want to run something which is shredded and that will either stop me or (more likely) just trigger another crash.
UPS Pricing info:
  • $220 for a 800VA UPS (Staples)
  • $99 for a 500VA power-adaptor-style APC UPS (Staples)
  • $69 for a 350VA power-adaptor-style APC UPS (Staples)
  • $240 for a 100VA 'Energizer' UPS (Future Shop)
  • Future Shop also had a 1200VA 'Energizer' UPS with no price on it.
Misc component pricing (OEM Express)
  • $80 for 256Mb PC133
  • $70 for a CDRW (ide, I presume)
  • $110 for a 40Gb Maxtor (the smallest you can buy these days)
  • $120 for a 60Gb Maxtor
  • $140 for a 80Gb WD-Caviar
  • $200 for a 120Gb WD drive
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