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RedHat 9

First installs of RedHat 9 today at a customer.

Here is what happens:

  • do an 'install everything'
  • select 'no firewall'
  • select NIS, enter your domain (usually, let it broadcast for a server
The result: the /etc/yp.conf has a line:
domain server

...where is the correct NIS server… but note that the domain is wrong.

So far though it looks like that in an alternate universe it would have been released as RedHat 8.1 and everyone would have been happy.


The CD-Writer wrote one disk then died.

Well, by 'died' I mean that it started failing to respond to Linux's attempts to send information. The output window started going on about how the drive was no longer responding to the IOCTL messages. Power cycling did not help, just backed to the same fault.

I am really starting to get frustrated with this computer. It just does not seem to be doing what I want it to do. Next time I am buying an off-the-shelf computer from a vendor like Dell, because then it either works or a warrantee call is in progress. It means I will have to pay the Microsoft tax, but if it all works, does that really matter?

My boss claims that they didn't have any problems with this unit, which is believable. They did not like the fact that Win2K would not run their older games, and the computer was not powerful enough to run the newer ones.

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