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Lots of updates

Lots of little updates, so let's get to it:
  • Most of the errors on Saturn appear to have been memory related. I purchased a 256-Mb stick of PC-133 memory and installed it, and still had problems. So I pulled the stick of PC-100 memory which came from Jupiter, and while we have the occasional Diablo barf, things are running much better now.
  • installed dspam on apollo. After a week of training, it is blocking 90% of the spam aimed at my inbox. The documentation for dspam is a little lacking (either that or my user ID setup is unneccessarily convoluted) so setting the ownerships for everything was a little on the difficult side.
  • We had a thunder storm overnight on July 4. On the 5th, I discovered that the SMC switch I've owned for the last 18 months would no longer pass DHCP requests to the server. I have no idea how the switch died, but it did. We are now running on a back-up 5-port switch plus the 4 10Mb hub ports on the Netopia. Everything runs, but slowly. So eventually I'll have to get a repolacement switch.
  • Purchased a 725vA UPS for Apollo. It is a APC power-bar style. Cheap, but it should work. All I have to do is figure out how to get the sofware to work to shut things down properly.
  • Got https working for a customer. Must document that here. I'm pretty pleased with how that worked out.
  • this wireless logitech mouse is pretty neat… except that it chews through batteries really quickly. I am almost to the point of buying a corded one because the battery consumption is getting unreal (probably due mostly to my constantly playing Diablo).
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