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More CD/RW Wierdness

Couple of short items:
  • when I booted back into Windows on the weekend, the Nero Packet Writer component didn't work -- the CD/RW kept reporting "Improper Operation" errors. The Packet Writer didn't see the drive as a valid drive.
  • uninstalled the Nero component and installed the Adaptec EasyCD that came with the camera. That didn't work either.
  • unistalled that, and installed the EasyCD Platinum v5 I have a 'borrowed' copy of. Still no joy.
  • upgraded that to 5.35j through two convoluted steps, and somehow that worked.
  • burning through Linux from the network at 16x or 8x, the buffer doesn't stay full, and in fact appears to empty itself frequently. Disks are still usable, though.
  • attempting to burn from the local disk (iso in /tmp) fails with a coaster really quickly.
  • found some packet writer drivers for Linux, but they require patching the kernel and we all know how much success I have with that. Still can't get the damn kernel I built to boot. At all. Obviously I am missing something.
This seems to be turning this log into a litany of CD/RW drive complaints.
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