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Upgrade to RH9

Upgraded Saturn to RedHat 9 yesterday, partially as a Kickstart Config test (found out that if you disable xfs at bootup, X doesn't start) but mostly because the X display froze on me twice yesterday, and enough was enough.

Good news: using the OpenGL screensavers now works properly when the display is 24-bit. I of course celebrated by reverting to my initial setup, in which nothing but cat pictures are shown as a screen saver. But it is nice to know that one particular bomb is no longer lurking behind the scenes to trip me up.

Also installed the 40Gb disk I got back from J into the PII/350 shell -- the kickstart didn't work due to some oddities with the network controller. I wrote it off to the fact that there was already a kickstart running, and that poor wussy AMD processor just can't deal with multiple kickstart attempts. I'll re-attempt later.

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