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I removed the email configuration from my home system's Evolution, because it was getting pissed off whenever Mutt significantly modified the mailbox. Evolution needs to be restarted, since the IMAP session appears to be semi-persistent, and is therefore alarmed that the real file looks differently from what it thinks it should. I suspect if Mutt used IMAP to manipulate the mailboxes then Evolution would have been happy, but since Mutt manipulates them directly (and there are some things that Evolution just can't do over a slow link) I've just removed the configurations for now.

Strange Mozilla Fault

Here's something a bit strange. Occasionally, the Mozilla process I am running on Saturn will start to refuse to do domain name lookups. OK, that isn't entirely correct because the program never returns a 'domain not found' error, but it never actually resolves anything either. It just hangs that thread. The rest of the browser works fine, even with the stuck tab (or window) as long as you are looking at cached pages. Everything else on the computer can continue to resolve names (like ypmatch, dig, ping, etc). This might be a Ximian problem since I never encountered it before.

Also odd is the amount of swap that Saturn accumulates while running. The RedHat 9 installation looked terribly leaky, but Ximian makes it look efficient. When I had to log out of Gnome, the swap dropped spectacularly, but almost immediately climbed back up. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the way I set my browser cache settings...

Finally, since I'm cataloging my woes, the Ximian on Pioneer10 uses 100% of the CPU until the top taskbar is clicked on. Don't know what it is waiting for, because I am pretty sure it is set up the same as the top taskbar on Saturn; but there you go.

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