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2010 April Car Pricing

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Just Looking

Website pricing, quick scenarios. All prices rounded up.

  • Required: Auto.
  • Wanted: A/C, Keyless entry.
Honda Accord LX+Protection (mats)$31000
Honda Civic DX+AC+Protection (mats)
no keyless?
no red
Honda Fit DX+AC+Protection2
+Spare Tire
Mazda 3 Sport GX+AC
+Floor Mats
Mazda 3 Sport GS+Floor Mats$27000
Mazda 5 GSNo AC
+Floor Mats
White costs extra
Mazda 5 GS+AC
+Floor Mats
White costs extra
Mazda 5 GTWhite costs extra$31000
Subaru Impreza 2.5i 5drno keyless
no AC?
Toyota Camry LX+Floor Mats$31000
Toyota Corolla CE+Convenience
+Floor Mats
Toyota Corolla LE+Floor Mats$25000
Toyota Matrix FWDNo AC or keyless$21000
Toyota Matrix FWD+Convenience$25000
Toyota Matrix AWD $29000
Toyota Prius+Floor Mats
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