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2013 Hyundai Elantra GT DL

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DL with a 6-speed manual

Quick test drive impressions.

I liked:

  • The 6 speed has a really short throw. Mum had trouble finding gears with it, but for me it was instinctive, solid changes.
  • This demo wasn't prepped, so had a bunch of plastic wrapping on everything, but even so the dimensions inside the car were nice.
I disliked:
  • The steering was weird. It felt all lose and disconnected at low speeds -- say 50 km/h or below -- but under throttle or speed it tightened up and was much happier. Once we got back the sales guy showed us the "selectable" steering mode, which makes me think I was merely in the wrong "mode".
  • The clutch take-up point was too high for me, but that's adjustable.
  • I couldn't see out the side windows when backing up. I don't like this trend of high-waist passenger windows.
  • Speaking of the 6-speed, the tendency for both me and Mum was to hold the reverse trigger depressed, which totally defeated its purpose as a safety lock-out.
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