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Resetting 3C3000

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Resetting a 3Com SuperStack-II 3000

  • connect the null-modem-cable, connect to switch (Login screen should appear)
  • push reset button shortly
  • wait about 3 seconds
  • Push reset button again and hold it down for about 1/2 to 1 second. Software-update-prompt should appear on the console.
  • Enter data and start firmware-update, e.g.:
F ls3k3_23.slx
  • After a successful update the switch reboot automatically.
  • Log in as 3comsco with password RIP000 (3 zeros) using the serial line.
  • Enter the password-field, push Right-arrow 6 times, push Backspace 6 times.
  • Enter admin as username, press ENTER.
  • Done :)) Now you can select the menu-item INITIALIZE to reset the switch to factory defaults. You can use the standard-password-combinations now!
I'm not sure wheater points 6-7 are really needed or not, but it works with them.
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