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Dealing With AIX Services


# lssrc -a
Subsystem         Group            PID          Status
 sendmail         mail             155770       active
 portmap          portmap          180354       active
 inetd            tcpip            147464       active
 snmpd            tcpip            188546       active
 hostmibd         tcpip            192624       active
 snmpmibd         tcpip            196712       active
 aixmibd          tcpip            200806       active
 muxatmd          tcpip            213124       active
 ypbind           yp               229500       active
 biod             nfs              225456       active
 rpc.statd        nfs              221340       active
 rpc.lockd        nfs              233650       active
 automountd       autofs           254082       active
 qdaemon          spooler          258182       active
 writesrv         spooler          262282       active
 lpd              spooler                       inoperative
 rwhod            tcpip                         inoperative
 xntpd            tcpip                         inoperative
 dpid2            tcpip                         inoperative
 dhcpcd           tcpip                         inoperative
 dhcpcd6          tcpip                         inoperative
 ndpd-host        tcpip                         inoperative
 ndpd-router      tcpip                         inoperative
 tftpd            tcpip                         inoperative


# stopsrc -s syslogd
0513-044 The syslogd Subsystem was requested to stop.


# startsrc -s syslogd
0513-059 The syslogd Subsystem has been started. Subsystem PID is 184466.
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