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Brainwave Therapy

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Brainwave Therapy

(From AutismONE)


cost $35 a session. the only person I know who does it in ottawa area, is actually in russel. I think there are psychologists that do it in ottawa area but cost more.

the first session is more, don't remember maybe about 75 as it is to go over things and there is a lot of paper work to do, so she can look into what areas to work on.

basically the kid has electrodes hooked up that monitor brain waves, then a game is put on or something, like a star getting bigger, or a pacman game etc, the game does the desired effect if the brain is working in the correct frequency.

it does not have the long term negitive side effects of medication and it does take longer to get on the right frequency which can have some negitive short term side effect which is why it is all about observation etc and watching changes in behaviours, exspecially at the beginning

it is not covered by any insurance plan though

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