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Adventures In Bad Ideas

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Pop quiz for all those hackers out there: what's wrong with this command? Besides the fact that it was run from cron in the middle of the night as root, I mean. (Broken up into multiple lines for readability -- it was originally issued as one monster command from cron.)
here# rsh there 'cd /projects/team/task/results ; \
    for i in * ; do \
    if [ ! -h /net/here/projects/team/task/result/$i ] ; then \
    echo Removing /projects/team/task/results/$i ; \
    rm -rf $i & \
    fi ; \
    done ' &

Hint: The 'cd' is the fatal flaw. Why?

Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch ouch

The good news is that the backups work properly. :)

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