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Android Hate Of The Day

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(25 January 2012)

Android is complicated, but it clearly suffers from many of Google's quality problems. When Android does something well, it does it really well. When it does something poorly—let's just say a user who wants badly to love Android has to regularly question whether anyone at Google is actually using it.
This is not the problem.

The problem is that the Android users in Google are all using the latest builds possible that, while excitingly unstable in some ways, probably addresses some nit that the individual user cares about more than general usability. And they keep upgrading to these bleeding edge builds that you'll never be able to see because A) they can and B) they hope that this next one will be the one to fix their problems.

If you're running it on a phone, then you are probably months, if not years, behind the Google wonks.

(See also Android Users Get Poor Support.)

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