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Android Users Get Poor Support

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(27 October 2011)

>>Here is another argument against Android as a phone platform:

The Samsung Behold II on T-Mobile was the most expensive Android phone ever and Samsung promoted that it would get a major update to Eclair at least. But at launch the phone was already two major versions behind — and then Samsung decided not to do the update after all, and it fell three major OS versions behind. Every one ever sold is still under contract today.

The Motorola Devour on Verizon launched with a Megan Fox Super Bowl ad, while reviews said it was “built to last and it delivers on features.” As it turned out, the Devour shipped with an OS that was already outdated. Before the next Super Bowl came around, it was three major versions behind. Every one ever sold is still under contract until sometime next year.

If you can't be assured that your premium, high-end Android phone is going to be supported, why are you bothering?

...and yes, this is probably more after-the-fact self-justification for my picking the iPhone 4 over the offered Android handset. I suspect most people never contemplate upgrading the firmware in their phones. I did both my Blackberry Pearls, but I think that makes me an exception rather than the rule. I know most of the other users in my office never bothered because the devices worked well enough for what they wanted to use them for, it was only the keeners who wanted to play with their phones that did the upgrades.

The beauty of Apple's end-to-end control from the handset through iTunes back to their own servers is that upgrades are almost pushed on you, so it is harder to not have the update than it is to just take it.

Other vendors and phone companies don't have the incentive to keep their handsets current, so they don't.

But it is something to think about when contemplating a new phone.

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