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Another Reason Against Android

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(26 October 2011)

Google today has announced that the original Google Phone, the Nexus 1, won't run Android 4.

The Nexus 1 was released less than two years ago. Since then we've had an explosion of Android-based phones, all bigger and faster and weirder than the last.

The whole point of Android was that it was going to be continuously improved, and you could reap the benefits of that improvement by doing upgrades. Now less than two years after the first Nexus 1 phones were released, those owners find themselves shut out of this benefit.

Less than two years. That means that for most users, their contracts have probably not expired yet.

That's one of the feelings I was hinting about when I decided against the Samsung when picking this current phone (see New Phone, 2011 Edition).

(Take for example the Samsung Galaxy S2-X, which my co-workers are still waiting to receive as I write this. The Blackberry and iPhone users in the office have their new phones, while the prospective Galaxy users wait for Telus to release them; meanwhile, Samsung has announced an even better one to come soon. A phone you can't get is already about to be usurped.)

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