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Audi Quattro

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Audi Quattro

Swiped from Google's cache of a now-defunct website:

The Coupe Quattro Turbo, later known as 'UrQuattro', for 'original quattro', was introduced in 1980 as a twin of the Coupe, except for the wider fenders. Externally, development of this car was kept on a par with the other models, but the unique bumpers remained until the end. In 1982, the UrQuattro gained a digital dash. From 1989 to 1991, the UrQuattro had a 220 hp 20v engine instead of the previous 200 hp 10v. In the US, the UrQ was sold from 1982 to 1985 with a 160 hp 10v engine and the early-type quad-headlight grill. Only the 1985 US models had the rounded grill but still the quad headlights.

Here in canada, I remember the Coupe (Or Audi GT) being sold until 1991. The Quattro was never actually sold here, so what we find are mostly 1985 and older imports from the states.

Visually, Quattros differ from GTs by way of having fender flares over the wheels. They should also say "quattro" on the hatch liftgate, although some owners removed all identifying marks from the external shell except the Audi rings.

The holy grail is a 1989-1991 UrQuattro with the turbo 20V engine and a good solid frame. These will be exceptionally rare over here because they would have been imported by the owners, and those that have been imported would probably have rusted rather badly (Audi was not very good at rustproofing the factory-imported cars, and European cars were not rustproofed as well as North American cars).

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