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The Case For Gaius Baltar As A Cylon

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The Case For Gaius Baltar being a Cylon

Space is re-running season 1, I'll add evidentiary points as they occur in the re-runs.

This is all highly circumstantial at this point.


  • Baltar survived the blast wave of debris outside of his home. In the pilot, Six aparrently "protects" Baltar from a blast wave during the cylon attack on Caprica. We never see Baltar extract himself from the debris; the next we see of him he is running towards Boomer's grounded Raptor with minor cuts to his head; there is no discussion of Six's fate. This can be explained by the Baltar personality "jumping" from the destroyed body to another one which has been suitably prepared for him; any lack of memory of leaving his home would be explained away as some form of head trauma.
  • Six explaining about the twelve models. Specifically, she notes: "some may not even know they are cylons." This, with the Boomer-is-a-Cylon plot point, means that it is plausable that Baltar is a cylon.
  • Six's influence over Baltar on colonial territory. Six has demonstrated the ability to exert aparrent physical control over Baltar by striking him (and… um… stimulating him). It is possible that Six is merely a delusion, a mental manifestation of his guilty concious; however, people experiencing a delusion never try to physically interact with their delusions. It is possible that Six has implanted some communicator, some method of inserting her image and influence into Baltar's body, however if this is the case, it would be far easier to put this into an engineered body ie Baltar's physical form.
(Episode 1: 33)
  • Six questioning Baltar about wanting children. While not directly proof of anything, it is extremely interesting given where we end up in part two of Kobol's Last Gleaming.
  • The Coincidence of the Olympic Carrier. If you assume that the Olympic Carrier was under the influence of the cylons when it caught up with the colonial fleet for the final time, the captain's comments are highly suspicious. The captain makes a special point of mentioning his passenger's desire to speak to the president about the traitor, while at the same time Six is twisting the knife in Baltar's psyche to begin the process of his "coming to God". This is a safe bluff to make, seeing as how the Colonials are highly paranoid and if they don't blow the Olympic Carrier out of the sky when she appears, they will almost definitely do so once the nuclear weapons onboard are heated up. The presence of the armed nuclear weapons on board, and ignoring Boomer's orders to keep distance from the fleet, are pretty clear indications that the Carrier was under cylon control.
(Episode 2: Water)
  • Six's query about lying to women is interesting, but doesn't really reveal anything.
(Episode 3: Bastille Day)
  • The obvious control that Six demonstrates over Baltar in forcing his demand for a nuclear warhead. This indicates clearly that the cylons have a strong measure of control over Baltar.
(Episode 4: Acts of Contrition)
  • Only the flimsiest of evidence from this episode: in one of Starbuck's flashbacks, she is playing cards with Baltar. One of the other Galactica crew bets that Starbuck will "take him" this time (ie win the game). Boomer (who we know to be a cylon) bets Balter to win. (Told you it was flimsy.)
(Episode 201: Scattered)
  • Of course, this episode pretty much single-handedly blows the Baltar Is A Cylon theory out of the water. If you accept that the Cylon's goal is to become closer to god by breeding with Humans (our speculation), and that Baltar is the father of Six's child (as claimed by Six), then you must conclude that Baltar is actually human. Pity.
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