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What The Cylons Want

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We Know What The Cylons Want

For some time, we have been trying to analyze the actions that the cylons are taking without access to some critical information: what is their motivation? More succinctly, what do they want?

The theory that they merely "hate our way of life" and want to exterminate all humanity doesn't wash. If they were sufficiently motivated, they would have had the opportunity to destroy Galatica and the fleet of survivors by now. They would have killed Helo outright rather than giving him another Boomer model.

In this weekends episode, Starbuck was granted a gift from the cylon agent they captured. She was told that they would find the Lords of Kobol, and they would lead humanity to Earth.

This, I think, is a short list of what the cylons want:

  1. They want to go to Earth.
  2. They want to breed with humans.
The first is pretty obvious. Now that they have predicted that humanity will reach earth, it is pretty clear that the cylons want this to happen. This is why they have not been trying to destroy the remains of humanity; humans still have a purpose that cylons cannot fulfill in order for the cylons to reach their goal. Perhaps they fear the Lords of Kobol would recognize cylons as impostors and destroy them rather than lead them to earth; I do not know. What this revelation does is peel back another layer of the onion -- why do the cylons want to go to Earth?

The second is more of a guess on my part based on the manipulations that are going on back on Caprica. Why else would the cylons want Boomer and Helo "settled down", to use Number 6's own words? (Clearly the cylons do not intend to return Helo to the fleet.) Again, the deeper question is why they want to do this and what result they intend to get out of it.

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