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What The Cylons Want: 0512

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What The Cylons Want: December 2005

(Backstory: Jenn and I are watching the re-runs of Season 1 on Space, we have not seen any Season 2 episodes. So this is all speculation based on Season 1.)

Jenn and I were watching Episode 8: Flesh and Bone and we were trying to figure out what the Cylons really want.

It is clear from this episode that whatever goal the Cylons have, they envision reaching it by having the humans find Earth. But what became clearer today was why the cylons want to reach earth.

In this episode the Caprica/Sharon has sex with Helo. The obvious (and, according to the later shows in season one, achieved) goal for this mating is reproduction. This got me thinking: what would a cross-breed be, human or cylon? Or something else?

Cylons have their conciousnes jump from body to body when one dies. (This is the cornerstone of my Gaius Baltar Is A Cylon speculation.) This, combined with the cylon's speech about "standing in the stream yet being beside the stream" implies that while the body may die, it's conciousness does not.

So the question is: what happens to the soul of a cylon when it dies? If the spirit/soul of the cylon is merely transfered to another host body (or becomes a part of the conciousnes of all remaining host bodys of that type), how do these cylons really die? How does the soul of a cylon enter the gates of heaven?

This is important in another way. Cylons either don't know where Earth is, or they want something on Earth that only the humans can achieve. It is possible that the cylons view Earth as the seat of God, and that only God's true children are worthy to enter God's presence; the cylons may be trying to do an end-run around this by sneaking in on humanity's coat tails.

However: if a human/cylon was born, that child would presumably have a soul which was at least partially cylon, meaning that God would be obligated to accept the cylon half of the soul in order to accept the soul of one of His own children.

So, in this speculation, this is what the cylons want to achieve: they want God to accept their souls into heaven, something which (for some yet undisclosed reason) can only be done through Earth.

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