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Who Is Really A Cylon?

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Who is really a Cylon?

After last week's episode, where Starbuck tortures a captured cylon, it is clear that the writers are going to wring us through considering every major character as a possible cylon.

First of all, the obvious give-away that the agent makes to the president by accusing Adama of being a cylon. However, we cannot judge the validity of this statement by examining the facts surrounding it; true or false, the only purpose of this statement is to insert doubt into the mind of the president.

Consider: if Adama was a cylon, there are tactical reasons to permit this to remain undiscovered. It is highly unlikely that the cylons would disturb an agent in such a place. Adama had two sons, and if he was a cylon, it throws open the question as to whether either Zack or Apollo are similarly cylons. I do not buy the premise that the entire Adama family is composed of cylons, and thus far the cylons have not demonstrated an ability to make clones to replace people.

On the other hand, Adama is the primary architect of the human's successes thus far. If he was in collusion with the cylons, even subconciously, it would go a long way to explain the history of results.

This line of inquiry also opens a vunerability in my theory regarding Dr. Baltar. If they cylons are in contact with Dr. Baltar, they know that he has a device which is (allegedly) capable of identifying a cylon from a human. If the device is genuine, and Adama is really a cylon, then the device would expose him as such. This statement only works to create fear and uncertainty if it cannot be validated. However, if the device is not genuine, but subject to some manipulations on the part of the cylons such that they could decide who they wanted the humans to think were really cylons (such as, for example Adama), it would give them the ability to keep the human leadership devoid of anyone who might become a threat to them.

Second of all, there is the case of the president herself. She had a dream of the cylon immediately prior to it being captured. We cannot make the arguments we made last time (see Gaius Baltar Is A Cylon) without considering their relevance to this case. I do not believe that the president is a cylon, because thus far her extra-sensory contact with the cylons has been limited to dreaming, possibly drug-related, and one could make the case that the dream incorporated the cylon as a partially overheard conversation before she was awakened. Or one could say that perhaps she even encountered this agent peripherally in the recent past, and this was her subconcious attempting to alert her to what she had seen. Either way, it is not evidence as strong as it is in Dr. Baltar's case.

So, my list for possible cylons currently stands with only Dr. Baltar and Boomer making the cut. At this point there is compelling evidence that Adama is not a cylon, and enough evidence that the president is not, either.

More suspects as they are trolled for our consideration.

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