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I2O RAID Controller

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You has some variety of the Adaptec 2010s RAID SCSI controller installed.


CentOS 4.7 (and earlier 4.x) includes a driver for it, but the autodetection routines don’t work.

You have to do this at the install CD boot prompt:

Boot: linux text noprobe

‘noprobe’ means don’t probe hardware, prompt the user for information. It also means you can’t do an unattended installation, you have to step through all the install screens yourself. The notes for the install sequence are:

  • At the first device prompt, pick your network device (especially important if you are doing any kind of install-over-network)
  • At the next device prompt, pick the I2O Block driver (the list is quasi-alphabetically sorted)
The rest of the install from here should be straight forward.

‘text’ means don’t do the GUI installation. Apparently when you initiate the installer with a noprobe, it will do GUI over a http: install, something the documents claim it won’t do. However since you can’t tell it to probe for mice (USB mice anyways) the GUI installer is practically unusable.

After the first boot, any other undetected hardware should be handled at boot time by the kudzu. Note that you will have to manually step through the kudzu.

(This note also applies to Red Hat 4.x)

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