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ntfs support

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Installing ntfs support for CentOS

RedHat and CentOS do not include ntfs, possibly for legal reasons.

Update (thank you Dr Tru Huynh): A RPMforge-friendly method detailed >>here; this is probably safer in the long term as it means it is more likely that you'll get an updated kernel module automatically shortly after you get an updated kernel.

The method detailed below worked to scratch my one-time itch; I'd recommend using the above method if your itch is likely to be longer-term.

  1. Find your kernel rev with uname -r
  2. Find the rpm containing the module for your kernel at >>
  3. Install the rpm
  4. Install the module:
    # modprobe ntfs
    If this returns anything, you have a problem.
  5. If necessary, create your mount point.
You should now be able to mount your ntfs device.


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