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Find Transparent Proxy Systems

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A system between me and my destination is doing proxying for the destination IP.

In practice: A firewall was showing all IPs it could route to as having SIP and Cisco-CSSP services enabled. Configuration changes to the firewall were necessary to close things. However, we needed to prove the proxying before we could disable it.


# nmap --traceroute -Pn -p 2000
TRACEROUTE (using port 2000/tcp)
1   2.04 ms  gateway (
2   14.37 ms
3   15.60 ms (

# nmap --traceroute -Pn -p 22 TRACEROUTE (using port 22/tcp) 1 2.04 ms gateway ( 2 14.37 ms 3 15.60 ms 4 10.11 ms 5 44.73 ms (

In the example above, the system is providing proxied services for on port 2000, and passing ssh further along the routing path to where actually is.


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