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Citizen 3531


This unit was purchased 18 February 1989 from Consumers Distributing in Bells Corners, Ottawa, Canada for CDN$199. MSRP for the unit was CDN$299 (according to the packing materials).


  • mechanically advanced hands (the minute hand is advanced every 20 seconds); the second hand is advanced once per second
  • chronograph (23h 59m (59 + 49/50)s)
  • twelve hour alarm (watch cannot differentiate between AM and PM)
  • count-down timer from up to 49m (set resolution 1m)
  • water resist
The first battery lasted in excess of three years.

Sometime after the first or second battery change the watch developed a fault in the chronograph mode. The watch would abort the timing and flip back and forth between the chronograph and the regular time modes until the mode was forced back into regular time mode. During these incidents the second hand would frequently lose alignment and have to be re-aligned.

This watch was taken out of service in 1997 or 1998 after a battery change introduced some moisture into the case (manifested by mild condensation on the inside of the crystal). The moisture subsequently dissipated.

The watch was put back in service in 2007 as replacing the battery in it was cheaper and faster than replacing the band on my C240.

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