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Citizen C240


This was purchased in 1997 or 1998 for CDN$150.


  • triple time zone: analog (h/m/s), digital, digital alternate
  • alarm, hourly chime
  • stopwatch to 59m 59.99s (resolution 0.01s)
  • countdown timer from up to 60m (resolution 1m; displays countdown in resolution 1s)
  • WR 58 bar (at shipping)
The hands and hour markers have a luminescence which lasts many hours; the time can be read easily in a very dark room after 8+ hours in darkness.

The battery was replaced several times. Despite this, the moisture protection functioned adequately to resist showering and routine immersion in water (dish washing, bathing children etc).

The second hand was mis-aligned by a fraction of a degree and never pointed precisely at the indicated second. Similarly there was some slack in the setting gears and the minute hand could lag slightly if the time was not set "just right".

This unit came to an untimely end in 2007. A high-speed impact with the floor resulted in the band breaking in two places and shearing in others.. The jeweler I checked with said that replacing the band would be a special-order and would probably run me $80 or so.

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