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Enable SSH

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I want to use SSH with my 5324.


conf t
crypto key generate dsa
ip ssh server
ip ssh port 22


  • This appears to be a weird SSH implementation. You have to manually specify the user name, you can't imply it with ssh user@switch. The first challenge is always User Name:
  • I have not tried public-key authentication. If you enable public-key authentication (with ip ssh pubkey-auth) then it won't accept passwords.
  • The documentation says it will take a few minutes to run. On my switches, this is around 20 minutes. Network connectivity is not impacted, although the switch does not respond to management probes during this time frame.
  • The ssh port defaults to 22 if not specified.
  • The key information is not stored in the config, but it is stored on the flash and will be loaded at boot time.
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