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You must enable routing globally on the switch:

console(config)# ip routing

Once you do that, you need to assign IP addresses to the VLAN interfaces.

console(config)# interface vlan x
console(config-vlan x)# ip address (whatever the subnet mask is)

Now, the most important thing is that the VLAN interfaces are now the default-gateways to all of the computers in that VLAN. You will need to set the default-gateways accordingly.

Note: The management VLAN (VLAN 1 by default) is not routable. If you need VLAN 1 to route, you will need to create another VLAN and make it the management VLAN.

console(config)# vlan database
console(config-vlan)# vlan 4093
console(config-vlan)# exit
console(config)# ip address vlan 4093

The management VLAN will use the default Management IP address of /24. If you are going to use that IP subnet you will need to change the Management IP address.

console(config)# ip address (whatever the subnet mask is)

What happened in my case is I had a ip address defined on vlan1, but since I could not route through it from vlan1 I had to define a bogus management vlan and interface on a separate subnet (I picked However the first time I tried this the switch barfed complaining that the default gateway was on a different network from the interface and it wouldn't accept the new ip configuration. So I had to remove the default gateway, and then add the new ip address information on the bogus vlan. I didn't bother with adding the default gateway back again because A) the gateway didn't exist; B) I will be doing all my management through the router interfaces; and C) this "default route" was only for the management brain -- you can add a "default route" for the router brain separately.

I could then add a vlan interface on vlan1 and route through it.


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