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Switching Table

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Looking At The Switching Table

console#show bridge address-table

Aging time is 300 Sec

Vlan Mac Address Port Type -------- --------------------- ---------- -------------------- 1697 000E.393C.A554 2/g22 Dynamic 1697 A4BA.DB58.EC1D vlan 1697 Management 3994 0006.B10A.C369 2/g22 Dynamic 3994 0007.E924.F714 2/g16 Dynamic 3994 000B.8666.9D95 2/g22 Dynamic 3994 000D.9D4B.54A7 2/g22 Dynamic 3994 0012.1EA3.D956 2/g20 Dynamic 3994 0013.46DE.048C 2/g22 Dynamic 3994 0016.B9FF.5AA0 2/g19 Dynamic [...] Total MAC Addresses in use:37

Mac Addresses are sorted by VLAN, then MAC.

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