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SNMP V3 with Cacti

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On The Dell

System -> SNMP -> Global Parameters

  • Select Local Engine ID, then Use Default, then Apply Changes
System -> SNMP -> Access Control -> Add
  • Enter a Name (eg: Monitoring)
  • Select Security Model as SNMPv3
  • Select Security Level as Authentication
  • Click Read, leave the view set as Default
  • Click Apply, close the window.
System -> SNMP -> User Security Model (USM) -> Add
  • Enter a User Name (eg: monitor)
  • Select the Group Name (eg: Monitoring)
  • Select the Authentication Method as MD5 Password
  • Enter a Password
  • Click Apply, close the window.
System -> SNMP -> User Security Model (USM)
  • Click Refresh
Don't forget to save the config.

On Cacti

Console -> Devices -> Add

  • Description:
  • Hostname:
  • Host Template:
  • SNMP Version: select Version 3
  • SNMP Username: (eg: monitor)
  • SNMP Auth Protocol: select MD5 (usually this is the default)
  • SNMP Password: as above
  • SNMP Privacy Protocol: select None
  • SNMP Context: (eg: Monitoring)
  • Downed Device Detection: Select SNMP
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