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Diablo Errors

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Errors Barfed up by Diablo II

  • Unhandled Exception: Access Violatoin
  • Error unpacking sprite
  • Halt. Location: D2CMPSRCCodec.cpp, line #1627. Expression: Error decompressing sprite
  • This application has encountered a critical error: The data file is corrupt. Program: c:/program files/diabloII/game.exe File: data/global/ui/panel/invchar6.dc6
  • Assertion Failure Location: D2Lang/StrTable/strtable.cpp, line #208 Expression: usCRC == pheader->usCRC
These are all fatal.

Update, 8 August 2003: Since changing the RAM in Saturn, I have not seen many of these problems. Probably were memory related.

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