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Things I've Downloaded And Why

Just a list of things I have downloaded here and there so that later when I only dimly remember the details I have a reasonable chance of finding the damn thing again.

fastrack-partial-source1.03.0.2Promise FasTrack RAID driver for kernel 2.4.x
Network Supervisor5.0.13Com Network Supervisor
alien8.47Debian-PKG to RedHat-RPM to .tgz converter
amsn0.93MSN Messenger clone
analog5.32httpd log parser and statistics generator
bash-completion20041017-1macros for smarter command completion in bash
bittorrent3.2.1-0Bit Torrent
gq1.0b1LDAP database browser and editor
gtk-gnutella0.94-1linux gnutella client
ipw22000.12Centrino wireless driver for FC3
ipw2200-fw2.0Firmware files for Centrino wireless driver
>>mbrowse0.3.1SNMP MIB/device browser
netbiff0.9.17multiprotocol xBiff
netperf2.3simple network throughput tester
xview3.2p1.4-700XView (OpenWindows, olvwm) system -- .src.rpm
>>checkinstall semi-automatic RPM builder for source code. Works reasonably well.
screen Multi-terminal functionality in a console. Built-in to most releases.
>>splitvt Split a vt100 or compatible terminal horizontally (like the old MGT functionality).
syslog-ngcurrentBetter syslog; needs libol
ntopalmost currentNetwork activity tracker/watcher
>>EPM3.6.0Cross-plaform install package generator (RPM, .pkg, etc)
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