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Evolution 1.4

(actually 1.4.5, I think)

This release fixes many of my complaints about Evolution:

  • imap sharing works
  • you can select an email address for the email to come from
  • you can change the default folder view (although it is much less than intuitive)
Things I don't like:
  • nonstandard port connections are not internally documented (but they are on the web)
  • still no embedded vi or vi key bindings
  • no way to share calendars between installations. So tell me, do I use the laptop or my home desktop as the authoritative calendar? I suppose I could use a palm device to synchronize the two, but that's really an excessively involved waste of a (faulty) palm device.
  • when I downloaded this version, I was promised Evolution 1.5 (ie the Evo 1.5 release announcement was the item which sucked me in)
  • still no bounce command -- forward isn't, and never will be, the same thing
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