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Example nmcli Commands

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Some recently discovered examples:

# nmcli con

# nmcli con show enp0s25 | grep dns

# nmcli con modify "System ens192" ipv4.dhcp-hostname "wiki2"

# nmcli con modify enp0s25 ipv4.dns-search klondike.xdroop.local
# nmcli con mod em1 ipv4.dns-search "domain1.local,domain2.local,domain3.local"

# nmcli con modify enp0s25 ipv4.dns

# nmcli con add con-name ens1-static ifname ens1 type ethernet ip4

# nmcli con add type vlan ifname enp4s0.2023 dev enp4s0 id 2023
# nmcli con delete vlan-enp4s0.2023

# nmcli con mod enp9s0 ipv4.method manual ipv4.addresses
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