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DHCP Reservation Not Working

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A: dhclient now supports RFC-4361!

(Please note that this is an answer to a question nobody asked.)

Q: My Fedora Core system won't pick up a DHCP lease reservation!

(Also: my dual-booting Fedora Core system won't pick up the same DHCP lease that the other OS on the same system does.)

A: By default, Fedora Core (21-22-23) use RFC-4361 to define host-IDs provided to DHCP servers. Most DHCP servers use this host-ID to decide what IP address they are going to give you. It is unfortunate for you that your DHCP server is not RFC-4361 compliant.

(Please note: by "most", we mean dhcp servers in the future. Windows servers as of 2K12R2 are not RFC-4361 compliant.)

Q: ???!!!

A: all right all right. You can force your dhclient to be non-compliant (ie compatible with everything else in the world) by adding:

send dhcp-client-identifier = hardware; the end of /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf.

...but really what you should do is go into the future and use the undoubtedly-all-RFC-compliant DHCP servers that are running there rather than grubbing around here in the nasty present.

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