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Annual budget figures claimed by >>Business F1 (although this content now requires an "premium membership"), reported at >>Formula 1 blog (Linksheaven) and >>The F1 Blog

  • McLaren: $400m
  • Toyota: $393m
  • Honda: $382m
  • BMW: $378m
  • Ferrari: $329m
  • Renault: $300m
  • Red Bull: $201m
  • Williams: $134m
  • Super Aguri: $95m
  • Midland: $75m
  • Toro Rosso: $66m


Formula One Magazine's report from March 2006 is reported on at >> The report is incomplete but does give some values (UK pounds):

  • Toyota 290m (ranked first)
  • Ferrari 250m (ranked second)
  • Renault 166m (ranked third)
  • Minardi 30m (ranked tenth, last)
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