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2009 Engine Championship

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2009 Engine Manufacturer Championship

Because there are several manufacturers which are supplying multiple teams, I thought it might be amusing to calculate a "championship" table for the manufacturers of engines.


The Rules

  1. The two best finishing (classified as running at the end) engines for each manafacturer scores points in the same manner as for the Constructor's championship.
  2. If more than two engines from the same manufacturer are in the finishing table in position for points, that engine shall be excluded from the results (effictively bumping everyone else up one). This shall repeat until we either run out of finishing cars or all points are allocated.


Are there problems? Sure! Mercedes will probably run away with this, if only because they have six cars out of twenty and everyone else has four (except BMW, who only has two). So maybe we'll pro-rate the end-of-season totals by number-of-cars-started and see who gets the most points per car start.


  • AUS: after Hamilton DQ
  • MAL: race red-flagged, half-points awarded
  • CHI: no notes for once! Renault moves from 3rd to 2nd
  • BAH: no points for BMW for pounding around at the back
  • ABD: perhaps the most balanced finish, all top 8 runners score.
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