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VoIP Clients with FortiGates

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VoIP Clients with FortiGates


Disable the SIP ALG

config system settings
set sip-helper disable
set sip-nat-trace disable
config system session-helper
show    (locate the SIP entry, usually 13, but can vary)
delete 13 (or the number that you identified from the previous command)
config system settings
set default-voip-alg-mode kernel-helper-based

Then reboot the firewall in order for all the above changes to take effect


...a cheatsheet I found on >>Reddit:

- remove SIP, RAS, and H323, usually by: 
config system session-helper
delete 13
delete 3
delete 2

- disable sip helper and nat trace config system settings set sip-helper disable end set sip-nat-trace disable end end

- edit voip profile config voip profile edit default config sip set status disable end end

- Flush ARP cache execute clear system arp table

- nuclear option, reset all sessions diagnose sys session clear


Verify SIP ALG is off using these commands:
d sys sip mapping
d sys sip-proxy calls
The first should be blank, and the second should return an error:
sip calls
Could not connect to imd monitor on /tmp/imd_monitor_socket
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