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Packet Dumps

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Show information of packets seen on an interface:

# diag sniffer packet internal none 4 3
internal in -> psh 2859918764 ack 1949135261
internal in -> psh 2859918816 ack 1949135261
internal out -> ack 2859918884
In this example:
  • none is the filter
  • 4 means show verbose level 4
  • 3 means show 3 packets then stop
Verbose levels: usually you want level 3 or level 4. Level three shows you a hex dump of the packet, good for looking for mac addresses or whatever. If you just want to see the IP/TCP information, level 4 is sufficient.

More details >>here

# diag sniffer packet internal1 "host" 4 150

# diag sniffer packet internal1 "src host" 4 150

# diag sniffer packet internal1 "src host dst host" 4 150

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