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IPSA self test failed, disable IPSA!

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IPSA self test failed, disable IPSA!


FW # conf ips global 
FW (global) # set cp-accel-mode none 
FW (global) # end


Hardware Acceleration for flow-based security profiles (NTurbo and IPSA)

Some FortiGate models support a feature call NTurbo that can offload flow-based firewall sessions to NP4 or NP6 network processors. Some FortiGate models also support offloading enhanced pattern matching for flow- based security profiles to CP8 or CP9 content processors. You can use the following command to configure NTurbo and IPSA:

config ips global

set np-accel-mode {none | basic}

set cp-accel-mode {none | basic | advanced}


If the np-accel-mode option is available, your FortiGate supports NTurbo: none disables NTurbo and basic (the default) enables NTurbo. If the cp-accel-mode option is available your FortiGate supports IPSA: none disables IPSA, basic enables basic IPSA and advanced enables enhanced IPSA which can offload more types of pattern matching than basic IPSA. advanced is only available on FortiGate models with two or more CP8 processors or one or more CP9 processors.

See the Hardware Acceleration handbook chapter for more information about NTurbo and IPSA.


Fortinet Support has apparently advised people to move from 6.2 to 6.4 to correct this problem (>>Source)

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