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Link Monitor

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Example Link Monitor Configuration

config system link-monitor
edit "VLAN601"
set srcintf "VLAN601
set server ""
set gateway-ip
set source-ip
set interval 1000
set failtime 15
set recoverytime 15

Example Link Monitor status

# diagnose sys link-monitor status

Link Monitor: VLAN-601, Status: dead, Server num(1), HA state: local(dead), shared(dead) Flags=0x9 init log_downgateway, Create time: Tue Oct 24 21:48:10 2023 Source interface: VLAN-601 (75) Source IP: Interval: 1000 ms Service-detect: disable Diffservcode: 000000 Class-ID: 0 Peer: Source IP( Route:>, gwy( protocol: ping, state: dead Packet lost: 100.000% MOS: 4.350 Number of out-of-sequence packets: 0 Recovery times(0/15) Fail Times(3/15) Packet sent: 1898656, received: 1317, Sequence(sent/rcvd/exp): 63649/2789/2790

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