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Fringe Pilot

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Memo to the guys who shot the Fringe pilot


Because, sexism aside, we know this was a male-dominated production, wasn't it.

OK, so you are trying to bring the X-Files into the 21st century. Smarter, sexier, bloodier, more-SFX-budget-pissed-away-having-words-hanging-in-the-street, whatever.

It was a reasonable job. I've disliked pilots for good series more than I disliked this one. Some of the characters need their rough edges filed off with a chainsaw, but that will come with time, and with a renewal for a second season. We hope.

But seriously, fire your Director of Photography. Repeat after me:

You. Are. Not. Shooting. A. Movie.

I don't care how many of your friends have nice big flat widescreen plasma televisions, some of us up here in Canada (where snowflakes don't have to be CGI'd in) don't have them.

At least two of the fancy words-hanging-in-the-street effects were wasted because by the time the words became legible, the edges were gone.

The nice brain-storming scene where they decide to synthesize the plasma into a transfusion of the victim's own blood (or whatever) was probably a brilliant scene in wide-screen; but those of us stuck in 1995 got treated to a dizzy pan of the lab interspersed with people dashing across the field of view.

Use the modern rule of TV shooting: dress wide, subject narrow. Because if things keep falling of the edges of my TV screen, I'll probably find something else to watch.

But for the short term you have me, I hope you can keep me interested.


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