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Google Chrome Experience

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Google Chrome FTW.

It's good. When combined with the bad feeling I get about the Firefox 3 upgrade, it might be good enough to replace Firefox as my primary browser, which ironically will make Firefox useless to me because I still need IE for a few pages and devices that I connect to periodically.

Things I like:

  • super clean interface; no excess of buttons, fields, toolbars, or whatever
  • some text fields are now RESIZABLE!
  • tab process/memory separation (although I'm yet to see it in action on a failure)
  • tab flexibility (drag tabs where you want them, ie between windows, to a new window, to a new location)
  • so far, everything I've tried has "just worked"
  • it was a voluntary download, not something that was "bundled" or otherwise an attempt to wheedle me into getting it
Things I don't like:
  • It didn't import my firefox passwords (probably because I have a password on the password-remembering component) even though it offered to try; it would have been nice if it told me it had not imported anything

After a week

It's my primary browser. The only thing I use Firefox for now is to access the saved passwords it has.

Site failures:

If you were having site failures, check to see what version of Java you have installed. Chrome requires >>Java SE 6u10 (or, I presume, better). Installing this made two of my complaints from below go away.

  • the Sony driver downloads pages all point to a FTP server; Chrome shows nothing, but wget the same URL and you get your download.
  • Control and view page for a Panasonic KX-HCM280A camera (although this might be a flash issue)
  • NetApp FAS270 na_admin page Fixed!
  • Netscreen ScreenOS 5.3.something Fixed!
But ironically since I'm keeping IE around for some other devices, this has practically ZERO impact on me.

Plugins and functionality I miss

  • (you can use the Javascript bookmarklet thing on your bookmark bar)
  • IE-Tab (open page in an IE window) because some sites refuse to do anything unless they are in IE
  • McAfee Site Advisor
  • TinyURL creator
  • right-click option: Copy Image Location. I use Gallery to host my pictures, and when using them in articles or pages it is insanely convenient to be able dump the image location into your clipboard so you can paste it into the target page.
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