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Great Earthquake of 2006

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(posted 25 February 2006)

Well yeah, the earth rattled a bit. Some of the CDs upstairs were loose in their wall rack when we went upstairs afterwards; other than that, it was uneventful.

There was this 'Breaking News' thing on A-Channel (ninety minutes later) which told us that there were no reports of damages or injuries, and where in Quebec the earthquake was centered on. Jenn wanted to watch the 11PM news to get, as the A-Channel host suggested, "full details". My prediction was that the "full details" would be mostly people describing just what kind of train the earthquake sounded like as it went by, and tomorrow we'd get a camera crew out in Quebec talking to the locals.

So we PVR'd the news, and it was pretty much as I predicted, right down to them promising video from Quebec for the Saturday noon news.

(Ottawa Ontario Canada)

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