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Great Earthquake of 2010

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Wednesday 23 June 2010

Earthquake 60 km north of Ottawa: >>

Initial reports were that it was a magnitued 5.7, since then people seem to have settled on 5.0 as the actual value.

Quake lasted about 12 seconds. Started mild, intensified after 5 or 6 seconds passed, then slowly settled.

Everyone bailed out of their buildings. Because of where we were, I decided that I'd rather be near the edge of the building if it came down rather than stuck in the middle.

Since the earthquake, scaffolding has gone up around the government buildings on Eddy Street in Gatineau, as some of the brickwork has fractured and fallen. Appears cosmetic in damage mostly.

>>Turns out it wasn't an earthquake. Quebec has the bomb. Yes, the War Of Separation will be fought in cottage country.

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